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The Purple Revolution

In the tapestry of history, the color purple once stood as a symbol of opulence and power, reserved exclusively for royalty and the elite. It was a rare and coveted treasure, much like the transformative capabilities of AI and data analytics in the modern era. Until recently, access to these cutting-edge tools was similarly confined, available only to a select few. But, in a digital revolution akin to the Industrial era's democratization of purple, Purple AI emerges as the catalyst for change.


Redefining the Way 
Fashion Operates

Our mission is to break down the barriers that have long separated businesses from the untapped potential of AI and data analytics. We believe that, just as purple evolved from a royal luxury to a vibrant symbol of creativity and innovation, AI and analytics should be accessible to all.


Our vision is to empower businesses of every size to harness the power of data-driven insights, to discover new horizons, and to create their own stories of success.



Steve Brown | Ted Institute Speaker

“Purple has exceeded my expectations in every way. Their ability to seamlessly blend cutting-edge artificial intelligence with the dynamic world of fashion retail is nothing short of impressive.”

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