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A Personal Shopper
For Your Shoppers.

Customers can't buy what they can't find.

Purple's AI personal shopper supercharges sales by connecting your shoppers to the products they're most likely to buy.

Our Services Influence Every Step of the Customer Journey


01. AI Product Tagging

Our AI systematically tags each product with labels (e.g. brand, color, style, material, etc.), making it significantly more searchable and discoverable, so customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

02. AI Product Descriptions

Our AI product description generator saves you time and money by automating the writing of your product descriptions, greatly enhancing your customer journey and SEO. The generator can be trained to write in your brand voice for a seamless experience.

03. Visual Search

Visual search allows customers to search your store by using images of the styles they want to buy. Our AI then finds and displays similar items from your assortment, driving sales by quickly matching customers to the products they need.

Round Neck
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04. Fashion Text Search

Our exhaustive product tagging combined with embedding-powered semantic text search provide your customers with the most powerful text search on the market. Customers can easily find that perfect white tee regardless of whether they enter in white tee,  bone t-shirt, cream top, beige cotton short-sleeve, etc. etc.

05. Recommendations

By combining content data (such as product attributes and descriptions) with behavioral data (like user browsing and purchase history), our algorithm can create highly personalized recommendations. This results in more accurate and relevant product suggestions tailored to individual preferences, when compared to generic recommendation algorithms.


Steve Brown

“Purple has exceeded my expectations in every way. Their ability to seamlessly blend cutting-edge artificial intelligence with the dynamic world of fashion retail is nothing short of impressive.”

Why Purple?

Success in fashion e-commerce demands innovation and exceptional customer experiences. That’s why we created our suite of cutting-edge AI search and discovery services tailored exclusively for your business.


We’re leveling the playing field by empowering small to mid-sized fashion retailers with affordable, AI-driven tools that were once exclusive to industry giants.


Experience transparent pricing with Purple. Our consumption-based model ensures you only pay for what you use, billed conveniently at the end of each month. Sign up now for a free trial month.


For Shopify users, enjoy no integration costs.

For our enterprise option, contact us for an integration quote.


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