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We're changing the rules of data-driven fashion.

In the dynamic world of fashion, data has become the new frontier. At Purple, we're rewriting the rules of the game by infusing data-driven insights into every stitch and seam. Our innovative approach empowers fashion brands to make smarter decisions, anticipate trends, and curate collections that resonate with today's discerning consumers. With Purple, you're not just following trends; you're setting them. Join us in revolutionizing the fashion industry through the power of data-driven excellence.


ShopTalk Dashboard

AI for faster, better, and cheaper planning.

ShopTalk Dashboard

Talk to your data in plain English.

Purple's AI-powered dashboard uses generative models and AI product tagging so that you can analyze, filter, and visualize your data just by asking in plain English. Reduce cross-team dependencies and speed up data requests from hours to seconds.


Talk to your data with pictures.

Unleash the power of visual data analysis, gain insights from product images, and transform the way you understand your fashion business. With Purple, you're not just analyzing numbers; you're decoding the visual language of trends, styles, and customer preferences.

AI Specialized in Analytics & Fashion.   

Purple’s core technology translates clothing into data. This data allows our AI services to understand retailer’s fashion products, that enables advanced services and effective solutions.

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Revolutionize Design with AI

Purple's AI-Powered Design Innovation marries the precision of data with the artistry of fashion. By analyzing historical and social media data, we inspire AI to generate product designs that are faster, more personalized, and deeply rooted in current trends. This transformative approach enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and elevates your design process. Human creativity and AI-driven insights collaborate seamlessly, ensuring your brand's unique style remains at the forefront.

Discovery Suite

Ensure Your Shoppers Can Find Your Products.

Purple's AI discovery suite influences every major step of your shoppers' journey to increase your sales and conversion. 

Purple's AI suite integrates seamlessly with your e-commerce site to effectively showcase your amazing products. 


Why Purple

Unlock the Power of Collective Intelligence   

In retail, data is your compass. Smaller retailers can face limitations due to less data, while larger retailers enjoy advantages from extensive resources.


Purple's Data Collective is an optional program that levels the playing field by pooling and anonymizing data from every member; granting participants access to advanced insights, smarter planning, and a competitive edge—all with Purple's privacy and security assurance.

Decrease Dependencies, Increase Collaboration.

ShopTalk Boards let you pin insights and data visualizations to share with your team, and others. 


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